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Silver Plan

Keep Your System Running Smoothly with the Silver Preventative Maintenance Plan

When you sign up for a Silver Plan with G&M, you receive a 10% discount on parts and labor. You will also receive priority service over non-agreement customers. Plus, you will not have to pay a higher rate for service after-hours or on weekends if an emergency issue does arise.

Cost for one system: $160.00 per year

What's Covered

• Two inspections per year
• Eight point compressor check
• Six point condenser check
• Ten point evaporator/blower check
• Two point electric heat check in the fall (for heat pumps)
• Nine point gas heat check in the fall (for gas furnaces)
• Condenser coil cleaning

Having your heating and cooling system inspected and cleaned regularly helps prevent unexpected repairs and keeps it running at its best. That means you and your family can enjoy the highest comfort throughout the year.

Speak to a G&M expert at 919-772-8820 to find out more about the Silver Plan today.

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