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Gold Plan

Ensure Continued Home Comfort with Our Gold Preventative Maintenance Plan

G&M Service Gold Plan customers receive the most thorough maintenance cleanings and checks. Like the Silver Plan, Gold Plan customers receive priority service over non-service agreement customers and enjoy 10% off parts and labor. And don't worry about calling after hours or on weekends--there's no extra fee for Gold Plan customers during these times.

Cost for one system: $190.00 per year

What's Covered

• Evaporator coil cleaning
• Condensation pan cleaning
• Filter change each inspection
• Two inspections per year
• Eight point compressor check
• Six point condenser check
• Ten point evaporator/blower check
• Two point electric heat check in the fall (for heat pumps)
• Nine point gas heat check in the fall (for gas furnaces)
• Condenser coil cleaning

Stay ahead of any potential emergencies with G&M's Gold preventative maintenance plan. Our G&M technicians will gladly inspect any additional system components you may have, such as humidifiers or air purifiers, for a small additional fee.

Speak to one of our representatives today about the benefits of our Gold plan.

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