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Fan and Evaporator Coils

Evaporator and Fan Coils are the Unsung Heroes of Your HVAC System

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Evaporator and fan coils often go overlooked when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Many people may not even know what they are or what they do. In reality, these coils are crucial to heating and cooling your home properly and efficiently.

For Comfortable Indoor Air, Coils are Key

Before you can enjoy warm or cool air in your home, the air has to be heated or cooled by your HVAC system. This is where the evaporator or fan coil goes to work. Evaporator coils use refrigerant to do this while fan coils use water.

Having a coil that is matched to fit your system is the key to your system operating most efficiently. When your coil is the optimal size for your heating and air conditioning unit, your system doesn’t have to work extra hard to heat and cool your home. This can translate into savings on your utility bill.

If you want to know if your evaporator or fan coil is sized properly for your home, speak to a G&M technician today by calling 919-772-8820. Our experts are trained in inspecting, installing, and repairing a wide range of evaporator and fan coil systems.

  • Comfort™ FB4C Fan Coil

    This Comfort™ series fan coil keeps you comfortable quietly and with your budget in mind. For added protection, an optional ArmorCoat™ coil tin-plating is available for enhanced corrosion resistance so it operates smoothly for years.

  • Comfort™ FX4 Fan Coil

    The Comfort™ FX4 fan coil can help you save on your utility bill when paired correctly with an outdoor air conditioner or heat pump. With a high-efficiency, multi-speed blower motor, you have plenty of comfort options.

  • Comfort™ FY5 Fan Coil

    Backed by Carrier® quality, the Comfort™ FY5 provides reliability within your budget. A 10-year parts limited warranty is available for qualified purchasers.

  • Comfort™ Multi-Family Home Fan Coil

    Designed for apartment applications, this fan coil is designed to fit between wall studs and can be wall hung or flush mounted for easy replacement and access.

  • Infinity® Fan Coil FE4

    Make a huge difference on your utility bill with this variable-speed fan coil. And with better humidity control, you’ll feel cooler during those warm, summer months.

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