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Air Duct Sealing

Save Energy Through Air Duct Sealing

Air ducts - G&M Air Duct Sealing Services

Bad sealing on air ducts is responsible for a large portion of wasted energy and money. As much as 10%-30% of heated or cooled air can be lost in poorly connected or deteriorated ductwork. This is a huge waste of both your energy and your money.

Spending the money to get the job done right will be nothing compared to the money you waste on energy loss each month. Not to mention the safety hazards of bad air sealing and the threats to your HVAC system’s performance. A well-sealed duct retains temperature and circulates air more efficiently than one with gaps or leaks.

Not only will you save money, you are guaranteed to enjoy a more responsive heating and cooling system for less money each month. Make these duct sealing repairs before they become critical issues. Invest in professional sealing and installation with your air ducts, and avoid dealing with a crisis later.

If Air Gets Out, What Else Gets In?

If hot or cool air is escaping, then hot or cool air could also be getting into your ducts. This makes it more difficult to reach the temperature you want. When it’s really hot or really cold outside, your system already has to work harder to regulate your indoor temperature.

Properly sealed duct work will make a big difference in air distribution throughout a home or office. That will save your HVAC system some effort, saving you on energy bills and lengthening the life of your system.

Harmful pollutants or allergens can build up and spread within air ducts. If your ducts aren’t properly sealed, these contaminants might be spreading throughout your home or office. This can make poor ventilation worse and also compromise the energy consumption of a unit.

A qualified technician can perform a duct inspection and provide expert analysis regarding the sealing in your duct system. For more information about air duct sealing, call the professionals at G&M at 919-772-8820.

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