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Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning Delivers Relief to Raleigh Homes and Businesses

Air conditioners start to experience more issues than usual in the extreme heat. When unexpected issues arise, G&M is there to provide solutions that get your indoor environment back to normal as soon as possible.

A home or office without air conditioning in the summer is unbearable. The sooner it gets resolved, the happier you’ll be, and the less likely it becomes that you’ll have a more expensive repair on your hands.

G&M Offers a Variety of Air Conditioning Products and Services

Looking into a new cooling unit? We provide professional and cost-effective installation, maintenance, and service on a daily basis. Our technicians are experienced with all variety of models and can provide expert insight if you haven’t quite made a decision yet.

While G&M technicians specialize in a variety of heating and cooling services, our number one priority is customer service. We’ll help you make an informed decision when you have an HVAC problem and provide affordable, timely service.

For more information, get in touch with a G&M expert today about the range of residential and commercial air conditioning products and services we provide. Call us at 919-772-8820.

  • Comfort™ 13 Central Air Conditioner

    You get simple and efficient cooling from the Comfort™ series of air conditioners. Enjoy the benefits of an ENERGY STAR® qualified unit to save money throughout the year.

  • Comfort™ 13 Coastal Air Conditioner

    Salty air can corrode your unit and shorten the lifespan of your air conditioner if you’re within 10 miles of the coast. This unit uses Weather Shield™ protection to prevent this corrosion.

  • Comfort™ 16 Central Air Conditioner

    This Comfort™ series air conditioner is economical and reliable. Plus, it’s excellent SEER ratings will help keep your energy costs down.

  • Infinity® 16 Central Air Conditioner

    This Infinity® series model meets ENERGY STAR® qualifications and uses a special design to keep things running quietly. It also features a filter drier system to prevent excess moisture and mildew.

  • Infinity® 17 Central Air Conditioner

    Because of this unit’s two-stage compression, you get superior control and comfort. It functions mostly in low-stage except when you need to be cooled, giving you the highest efficiency.

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