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Energy Services

G&M Can Give You Insight on Efficiency and Improvements

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Are you wasting money on needless energy services? You may not even notice the small inefficiencies in your heating or cooling system that slowly build to large expenses. Get a complete evaluation from G&M and start saving money immediately.

With energy services from G&M, our experts can assess the entire system and get started making the necessary improvements. Our team is certified to conduct home energy audits. We’re excited to offer this and other valuable energy services to our valued customers. You could cut back on energy usage and protect the environment, all while saving money!

The Benefits are Too Good to Pass Up

When it comes to ventilation, air duct sealing, and other appliances, there are countless variables that could be ruining your system’s efficiency. Maximize their full potential, and quit sending your hard earned money down the drain.

G&M technicians are certified to conduct comprehensive evaluations to find issues in your heating and cooling system that are causing your increased energy usage. But the job doesn’t end there. We will then show you ways to fix these issues, so you can optimize your home heating and cooling system and lower your monthly bills.

During the audit, you can expect our technician to give an honest, informed evaluation of your system. If you would like an entire home evaluation, we will be happy to assist you in getting that completed. G&M works with trusted industry partners who can perform additional checks in your home to find any potential energy inefficiencies.

The money you save from the results of these audits will offset the price of any energy service. You will also have better air quality and be more comfortable in your own home.

If you are ready to lower your utility bills, contact G&M about energy services that can save you big. Call today at 919-772-8820.

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