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Geothermal Benefits

Switching to Geothermal Energy Has Pleasant Surprises

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There are several benefits of geothermal technology when it comes to producing inexpensive and customized temperature control.

An Investment in the Future

Geothermal installation and services might have more to do with your energy future than you’d think. When considering energy options, you wonder one thing: What is the most cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and environmentally clean way to produce power in your home? Geothermal is a method for heating and cooling your home or business that combines all these qualities.

Feel-Good Energy Source

With geothermal, your home or business uses completely renewable resources to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Cutting down on the use of fossil fuels is a responsible decision that will benefit your community. It conserves the planet’s limited resources by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Lower utility bills at home and at work are an added bonus. But here’s the best part – without using a single resource, these systems can heat, cool, and provide up to 70% of an average house's hot water supply.

Exemptions Galore

Using clean energy may qualify you for tax incentives at the state and federal level, which can greatly offset the cost installation. Add this to the money you will be saving every month on lowered utility bills, and you will be impressed with how much you’re saving.

Little Repair Hassle

The geothermal system is straightforward and simple. The system only requires much of the same maintenance that a traditional HVAC system needs from basic wear and tear.

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