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How Do I Reduce Duct Leakage?

sealing HVAC air ducts

When people think of energy services, or energy audits, they likely think about most of the major electrical pieces in their homes: lights, televisions, and maybe even their furnace or air conditioner. But many folks don’t focus on a critical piece: ductwork.

How Leaky Ducts Increase Energy Costs

If you’re wondering how your ducts factor into your overall energy consumption, pause a moment to think about how your whole system works. Your furnace/heat pump/HVAC system heats or cools air, and then distributes it throughout your home via the ducts. Once the air hits those rooms, they begin to come up to temperature. Once the thermostat registers a room is at the appropriate temperature, it shuts off the system.

See where the problem is now?

Leaky ducts reduce the amount of temperate air reaching your rooms. So it takes longer to heat or cool, which means your system has to do more work. And the longer your system keeps working, the more energy it consumes.

Considering the Department of Energy estimates half a home’s utility bill goes toward heating and cooling costs, the dollars really do add up over time.

How Can You Fix Leaky Ducts?

First, you need to determine if your ductwork is salvageable. In some instances, ducting is so old that it cannot be repaired. Or, the cost of the repairs would be more than replacement.

Next, you have to find the leaks. While you can generally do this by turning on your system and running a hand along the outside of the ducts, this can quickly become difficult in areas where ductwork is hard to access (walls or crawlspace, anyone?).

Finally, it’s time to make the fixes. The type of ducting and the size of the leak will likely determine the method. From welding patches to wraps, to adhesive sealants, the number of options is endless; but make the wrong choice, and you won’t reap any of the benefits.

Save Yourself the Hassle: Call a Pro

The professionals here at G&M Service are ready to slither through the dirt under your house, or crawl through the cobwebs in the attic. We have years of experience identifying leaks, and we’ll be able to assess the situation quickly and effectively.

by: Phil Smith

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