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Residential Plans

Residential Plans Offer Continued Comfort for Your Family

Residential maintenance plans are not just a precaution for your heating and cooling system; they can also be a safety net for your home and family.

Emergency Response

When something goes wrong with your HVAC unit, it can be a huge inconvenience waiting to get a professional assessment and repair. Although emergency services try to be resolved as quickly as possible, there will always be a wait time of some sort. During that time, your family is uncomfortable and your home is subjected to risky side effects of unregulated temperature. These can include humidity damage, mold buildup, and overheating. Residential maintenance plans can reduce the likelihood of an inconvenient repair situation.

Smart Money

Simply put, dedicating money to a routine maintenance plan for your heating or cooling system is smart. Repair costs generally exceed maintenance plan costs. Pay a little bit now to avoid paying a lot later, when it’s unexpected and less convenient for both your family and your wallet.

Manage Your Budget

One of the best features of a residential plan is that G&M experts work with you to create a maintenance schedule that fits your specific needs as a homeowner. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to your budget or your schedule. G&M professionals understand that each home is unique and each client deserves a residential maintenance plan that is affordable and convenient.

Customize Your Plan

Included in the structure of many residential maintenance plans is an accomodation for emergency repairs, should they arise. A residential plan offers quick response in the event of an emergency repair, and also provides preventative maintenance timelines that can significantly reduce the chances of repair issues arising in the first place.

For more information about residential plans, call G&M at 919-772-8820.


Silver Plan

Priority service and 10% discount on parts and labor.
Starting at $160.00 per year.

silver plan

Gold Plan

Most complete system check, priority service, no after-hours fees, and 10% discount on parts and labor.
Starting at $190.00 per year.

 gold plan
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