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What Kinds of Green Cooling Options Are Best for Home Residences?

There are a lot of effective green energy options to keep your home cool this summer.

Residential Green Energy HVAC Products

HVAC systems are usually the biggest expense for the home. These days there is a wide variety of options for environmentally friendly green energy products to improve the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, so you can experience a cool home without breaking the bank. Simple switches like putting in a programmable thermostat and sealing air ducts go a long way for energy efficiency and comfort.

Replacing an entire HVAC system with a green energy HVAC option is a big step a homeowner can make to take full advantage of all the cost-saving and earth friendly benefits green energy has to offer.

Some factors to think about when considering options for using more environmentally-friendly heating and cooling systems are:

  • Sealed Ducts Provide Efficiency: Ducts are the veins of your cooling systems, bringing air though your house. In the average home, approximately 20% of the air brought to and from is “lost” because of leaks and bad sealing.
  • Programmable Thermostat: When you can personally manage and regulate the temperature and energy usage of your cooling system, this has the potential to bring about a substantial energy efficiency difference.
  • Geothermal Heating and Cooling: Geothermal energy is one of the best forms of green energy because it produces zero green house gas emissions. It performs this way because it doesn’t burn fuel to work; it simply moves heat energy to and from the earth.
  • Maintenance: When your HVAC systems are working as efficiently as possible, they are a little greener. Regular maintenance is vital to the optimum performance on your systems.

If you are ready to increase your home’s energy-efficiency and lower utility bills through green energy options for HVAC, contact our friendly professionals at G & M Service.

by: Phil Smith

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