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Shane Morton

Residential Service Technician

Why did you get into the HVAC industry?

I was offered a maintenance position at Mikaw Corp after the owner found out that I was fixing some of their store equipment at my local fast food restaurant.

What do you like best about the HVAC industry?

I think the best thing about being in the HVAC industry is that there is always something to learn about because everything changes over the years, and there is always something that reminds me of what I learned in college.

How long have you been in the HVAC industry? With G&M Service?

I started in the HVAC industry in September in 2006 with Mikaw Corp. I have been working for G&M Service since July 8, 2013.

What activities, hobbies, or other interests do you have?

A lot of my hobbies are with electronics and computers. I have been working on computers since I was in the ninth grade. I am able to troubleshoot, repair, and build computers. Paintball, hiking in the mountains, gaming, and tv shows are some of my interests.

How long have you lived in the area? Do you have a family/kids? Pets?

I moved to the area more than 5 years ago in order to keep a job position. Currently, I do not have any kids, and I used to have pets before I moved here.

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