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Ductless Systems

Ductless Systems Heat and Cool Small Spaces

ductless system

Ductless systems are a great option for those smaller spaces that get just a little too hot or too cold. You can enjoy these rooms in comfort without a large hit to your budget or the inconvenience of adding ductwork.

Sunrooms and other small indoor rooms that are poorly insulated can greatly benefit from a ductless system. These systems use compact pieces that are mounted high on the wall near the ceiling so they take up as little space as possible.

Because of their size, ductless systems are both efficient and quiet. That way, you can enjoy a comfortably heated or cooled room with little noise from your unit.

At G&M, we offer a variety of ductless systems from Carrier® for both residential and commercial use. Our expert technicians can help recommend a system for your needs and then install that system for you.

Browse our selection of ductless systems below. Call 919-772-8820 to speak to a G&M representative about our ductless products and services.

  • Toshiba-Carrier Residential High Wall Air Conditioner

    If you live in a cherished, older Southern home, you can still enjoy comfort without destroying the home’s original style. Because it is ultra-quiet and needs no ductwork, this system provides comfort while preserving your room’s charming ambience.

  • Toshiba-Carrier Residential High Wall Heat Pump System

    With 5 fan speeds and the ability to cool even in very cold temperatures, this system offers flexibility. Enjoy rooms that always stay too warm, like sunrooms, with this ultra-quiet unit.

  • Toshiba-Carrier Residential High Wall Heat Pump with Base Pan Heater

    The heated base pan on the outdoor piece of this system makes it great for homes in areas with very cold winters. By helping to prevent ice build up, the system continues running efficiently.

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