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Ease Costs with These G&M Programs

Wells Fargo financing

Financing bigger repairs or installations is problematic for some customers, especially if those costs come along unexpectedly. System failures and repair needs can drain your savings, and many of us don’t keep emergency funds on hand.

Customers are the number one priority at G&M Service, and residential projects are a major focus of our work. Building business relationships that last means we are also committed to providing assistance and financing resources to commercial clients. We’re happy to help get you the proper financing options, available with approved credit.

Green Incentives

A number of tax rewards are available for solar and geothermal purchases that improve energy efficiency. Special tax consideration is made for many homeowners who are benefitting from investments in green energy. Reducing your carbon footprint and getting rewarded with tax credits is a win for everybody. Not only does it promote environmental sustainability, but it can make affording these systems much more realistic.

If you are considering an energy efficient alternative for powering your home or business, you will save more than just tax credits. You’ll also see savings on utility bills every month. HVAC systems based on green power, like geothermal energy, can require a big initial investment. However, the long-term savings cover this initial investment. Talk to a professional at G&M Service about the full spectrum of financial incentives and energy savings.

Rebates and Other Cost Savings

Many major HVAC products include rebates, meaning you get a portion of your money back when you invest in a large purchase. Whatever your financial situation, G&M Service is committed to helping every customer reach a comfortable, affordable solution to their HVAC needs.

Not sure how you can afford an unexpected system overhaul? Feeling nervous about the monthly payments for your new HVAC equipment? Carrier offers substantial rebates on new equipment purchases in the spring and fall seasons.

Don’t forget that G&M experts work for you! Call 919-772-8820 today for answers to common questions about financing.

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