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Would Geothermal Energy Work for My Home?

Geothermal energy is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for green energy and offers numerous benefits for your home.

Geothermal Energy

When it comes to green energy, specifically geothermal energy, we are all a little curious and a little unaware, simply because it is so new and often unfamiliar to us. Let’s face it, even though it is considered one of the best forms of green energy, the average person does not currently use geothermal energy and may wonder if it is right for their home.

While we’ve all heard about geothermal energy, few have actually seen a geothermal unit in action. Geothermal energy systems are unique because they do not actually make heat; they move it. Geothermal energy literally means “earth heat.” From the earth’s core to your home and back again, geothermal units transfer an unlimited supply of energy. A geothermal energy system is a great investment for your home because:

  • It frees you from seesawing energy prices.
  • It cuts fossil fuel use.
  • It never has to be “refilled” with any type of fuel source.
  • It works for all seasons.
  • It can act as a dehumidifier.
  • It operates on minimal electricity usage.
  • It cuts energy costs over 60%.

The best thing about geothermal energy is that as long as you live on the earth it will work for you because it is available and accessible from any point on the planet. It doesn’t really matter what type of home you have either. Standard ductwork is used and a geothermal heat pump is placed just a few feet underground.

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by: Phil Smith

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