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Will Regular Maintenance Help My System If It’s Already Old?

Older systems can especially benefit from a maintenance agreement.

Aging HVAC system

If you’re wondering if getting a maintenance agreement for your already aging HVAC system is a good idea, the answer is absolutely yes. After all, anything you want to hang on to is worth taking care of, right? Whether it is an appliance, family heirloom, or even your car, if you want it to have longevity and remain in the best possible condition for as long as possible, you need to take care of it.

Some of the benefits to expect from regular maintenance to your older HVAC include:

  • Lubrication of belts, motor, and any other moving part.
  • Safety checks on wiring, circuits, and ignition system (this is important because older models have more wear and tear and may not have been built as safety minded as more modern models).
  • Tests will be performed for any gas, refrigerant, or air leaks.
  • Worn out and faulty parts will be replaced.
  • Your system will receive a good cleaning.
  • Your filter will be checked and changed.
  • Air supply and temperatures will be checked on return registers.

As you can see, regular maintenance is especially good for aging HVAC systems, because it increases the longevity of your system and reduces the very real possibility of costly repairs or even replacement of your entire system. Investing in the health of your older HVAC system now, means savings down the road.

If you think it’s time to give your HVAC system the best performance possible, contact G&M Service today to learn about our beneficial maintenance agreements.

by: Phil Smith

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