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Why Won’t Some of My Rooms Cool Down?

Keep your entire house comfortable and climate-controlled with this energy efficient strategy.

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With summer bearing down on us, the last things we need are rooms that just won’t get cool or stay cool and energy efficiency getting buried under piles of high utility bills. While it’s true that the first impulse when things get stuffy is to crank up the thermostat, we also realize energy efficiency is important. This is where the brilliant option of zoning comes in.

Zoning is basically an energy efficient method of controlling the temperatures in various areas of your home. You can keep your kitchen cool as a cucumber while at the same time allowing a room you don’t normally use stay at a nice lukewarm. Zoning is typically found in two ways:

  1. Specialized thermostats are installed alongside your home’s current HVAC systems.
  2. Two or more, depending on the size of your home, HVAC systems are installed in your home where you desire your “zones” to be.

Zoning is typically suggested for homes that are larger, have certain layouts, and homes with specific temperature needs, such as homes with large families living in them. If your home has multiple levels, contains large windows, has attic living spaces, or has certain areas that just don’t heat or cool like the rest of the house, then zoning is definitely something to consider.

Energy efficiency does not have to be costly nor time consuming or complicated, especially when you have the energy efficiency pros from G&M Service on your side. If you think zoning may be the right energy efficiency option for you or you want to learn more, click this link to contact our friendly professionals at G&M Service or call us at 919-772-8820 today.

by: Phil Smith

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