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Why Won’t My Furnace Stay on Long Enough to Warm the Whole House?

When your whole house needs warming but your furnace doesn’t say on long enough to heat it, your heating and air conditioning system requires attention.

Furnace Malfunction

If your heating and air conditioning system isn’t doing a thorough job of warming you up, it is helpful to focus on the cycle it goes through and identify how often it is firing up. Once you do a little observing, it is time to consider some helpful troubleshooting tips:

  • A neglected dirty air filter inhibits airflow and backs up your furnace, causing it to short cycle.
  • Occasionally a thermostat gets accidentally put on the incorrect settings.
  • If a thermostat detects the air is heated, even if the entire area isn’t heated thoroughly enough, it will signal the furnace to shut off before its work is complete. Check for other sources of heat close to the thermostat such as space heaters, air vents, or even a wide-open window facing the sun’s powerful rays.
  • A faulty fan could perhaps be the culprit. If your furnace is shutting off too soon, the fan limit switch could be impairing your furnace’s performance.
  • An oversized or undersized unit is another common diagnosis. Your furnace may be short cycling due to the amount or lack of BTUs.

A furnace freezing you out can lead to more than just frustration; it can also lead to financial strain when you must keep running your furnace more and more to stay comfortable. If you’ve gone through the troubleshooting tips above and still need help, the professionals are here to help you get things right. The best way to find out why your furnace isn’t heating your whole house is to call the heating and air conditioning experts at G & M Service at 919-772-8820.

by: Phil Smith

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