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Why Won’t My Air Conditioning Turn Off?

Heating and air conditioning systems make life easier, but can be frustrating when they just won’t turn off!

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Let’s face it; we usually adore our heating and air conditioning systems, but when they aren’t working right, we often enter into a state of “you’ve let me down!” disappointment. Believe it or not, an air conditioner that won’t turn off is actually one of the more common air conditioning head-scratchers. When you find yourself in this situation in your home, a few causes and tips for troubleshooting include:

  • Thermostat: Your thermostat is a likely culprit as it may have been unknowingly reset or mistakenly set so your system is continually blowing cool air. Try turning the thermostat to a temperature higher than your room temperature. This will signal your system to turn off as it doesn’t need to run at this present setting. If this doesn’t work, check that the fan function is set to “auto” rather than to “on.” If it is still on after you try this, your thermostat is likely not the culprit.
  • Fan Limit Switch: Your unit’s fan limit switch has the ability to keep your system’s fan operating regardless of your unit’s thermostat settings. Give your air conditioning system a quick once over to see if you can find the fan limit switch, either directly on or close to the blower. Once you locate it, try to locate a manual override. You will want to switch it from “manual” to “auto” so it operates only when your thermostat tells it to.

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by: Phil Smith

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