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Why is Geothermal Energy Considered a Renewable Resource?

Geothermal is considered to be hardcore green energy, but just how renewable is it?

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy, also known as thermal energy, is possibly the most renewable resource available- simply because it is produced by the Earth’s core in an infinitely ceaseless flow of green energy. In fact, geothermal energy is naturally produced and emits very few GHG (Greenhouse Gas Emissions) once it is developed into electricity. It is also commonly considered to be one of the best renewable resources because of its accessibility. A person doesn’t need to live near a hot spring or specific place to gain access to its energy; it is readily available to all no matter where you live.

The two primary ways geothermal green energy is utilized include:

  1. Electricity: This source of power doesn’t have to be set up to be a measured rhythm, such as solar or wind, so the hopes and potential for this source of green energy are considerably high.
  2. Heating: Just as its source is produced from extreme heat, geothermal energy is able to be used for heat pumps as well as heating (and cooling!) buildings.
  3. When considering renewable green energy for your own home or building, it is important to consider that nearly 40% of your home’s energy comes from HVAC systems. In today’s market and technology advances, there are good green energy options available for HVAC to consider, which can help you take a big step toward lowering your energy bill.

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by: Phil Smith

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