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What Types of Financing Options Are Available for HVAC?

Consider these financing options available for heating and air conditioning systems.


When it comes to financing options for your next heating and air conditioning system, it is natural to feel a little uncertain. But once you do a little research you’ll discover financing isn’t quite as scary as it used to be. In addition to financing in the form of a loan, there are a few other incentives, such as tax bonuses and rebates. Consider these incentives as you make your decision:

Green Energy

There are tax perks available for investments in solar and geothermal energy. Tax rewards are given to a lot of homeowners who invest in green energy for their homes and businesses. You are benefiting the environment, and the government wants to reward you for these earth-friendly choices.


There are various forms of rebates for purchasing a new HVAC system. Factory rebates are typically offered when you purchase a new product, and these help with installation and purchase costs. Utility rebates can be available as well for more energy-efficient models.

As you look into financing options for your heating and air conditioning needs, other factors to consider include how much you can afford to spend and the size your system needs to be. Two helpful facts to know are:

  1. Most HVAC companies will offer financing in the form of a credit card which offers the most favorable monthly payment option, special promotions when available, open credit for purchasing needs, and online account management.
  2. Some HVAC companies offer financing without early pay off penalties.

If you are considering financing for a new heating and air conditioning system, contact the G & M Service pros; we will be happy to walk you through the best financing options for your unique situation.

by: Phil Smith

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