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What Time of Year Is Best for Getting My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Get your heating and air conditioning ducts cleaned regularly to reap the rewards.

Inspecting inside of a dirty air duct

Occasionally, we get asked about the best time of year for cleaning heating and air conditioning ductwork. The question is a little bit misleading, because it implies that there IS a right time of year. And there really isn’t.

In our opinion, the “right time” is when it needs to be done. For some people, it is on an annual basis, and for others it’s every few years. But there are certain signs to watch out for, indicating it might be time to get your ductwork cleaned. According to the EPA, those signs include:

  • Possible indications of a mold infestation, either in your house or your system
  • You have a vermin or rodent problem
  • You see signs of insects or vermin entering your duct work
  • When you turn on your heating or air, you see a visible cloud of dust and particulates blow up out of the vent

However, based on our three plus decades of industry experience, we also recommend a cleaning if you begin to see any dark build up around the edges of the vent register, or excessive dust and build up in and around your filter and air return. These are signs that dust and pollutants are being continuously circulated through your system. Yes, your furnace filter will clean out some of it, but over time it may be more than it can handle.

If you’ve seen the signs, then the time to schedule your vent and duct cleaning is right now! Trust our professional team here at G&M Service to do a fast and thorough job, improving your overall air quality immediately. Contact us online or just give us a call at 919-772-8820, and we’ll clean your heating and air conditioning ducts right away.

by: Phil Smith

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