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What Should I Look for when Buying a Furnace?

When it’s time to buy a furnace, get tips from the heating and air conditioning pros.

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As a long-time heating and air conditioning company, customers often ask us which furnace they should buy, or how to make a decision between different options. Some people even ask if there is one furnace we would recommend for everybody…and the answer is no. However, there are a few things you should consider when making your next furnace purchase, and we’ve broken them down for you here.

Factor 1: Furnace Fuel Type

When looking at replacement furnaces, the first thing you need to consider is the fuel type. Is your house built for natural gas? Electric? Are you looking to switch from one fuel type to another because of cost? These are all factors to think about when making a purchase decision.

Once you’ve settled on the fuel type, it’s time to look at the next piece of the puzzle: furnace size.

Factor 2: Square Footage and Furnace Sizing

How big your furnace is will determine how efficiently it will heat your home. If the system is too big, it will waste energy warming up and cooling down. It will also cycle on and off more frequently, putting a greater strain on your system over time. However, if the system is too small, you’ll find your home will have uneven heating and odd cold spots. Neither is good for your energy efficiency or home comfort. Ask an expert what size furnace is right for your home.

Factor 3: Overall Furnace Cost

Once you have fuel type and size, the next part of the equation is total cost. Generally speaking, more expensive units will have a higher efficiency rating, meaning they will consume less energy to heat the space. Many times the higher up-front costs are balanced out by cheaper energy bills over the life of the unit.

However, if you need a lower out of pocket cost at installation, you still have some great energy-efficient options. While your utility bill will be slightly higher than those associated with the most efficient units, it likely isn’t enough to make (or break) the monthly budget.

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by: Phil Smith

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