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What Is Involved in an Energy Audit?

Find out what to expect during your next energy services audit.

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Did you know hiring a professional energy services team to come check out your home is a great way to save money and boost efficiency? It's true. By identifying all the ways you can make your home more energy efficient, you'll spend less money on electricity, natural gas, and other fuels throughout the year. And who doesn't love keeping more of their hard earned money?

If you're wondering what an energy audit might look like, here's what you can expect:

  • Identification of overall energy consumption and usage. How much energy are you using, and what are the biggest contributors? How does your system's usage stack up against average and ideal systems?
  • Checking for leaks. This usually includes feeling for any drafts, assessing the age and integrity of your windows and their surrounds, and looking for other visible signs like condensation. It will also include a ductwork inspection, to determine if anything is loose or coming apart.
  • Insulation checks. This will help identify if you're losing heat through uninsulated walls. While many older homes have been updated with wall insulation, sometimes floors, ceilings, and attics go unnoticed. This can cause a massive heat leak and drive up your home heating and energy costs. Usually, inspectors use something like a thermographic scanner to show you exactly where and how your heat is escaping- and it's in color!

Energy Audit Results

At the end of your audit, you can expect to receive a detailed readout with recommendations for areas where you can see significant improvement. Some audits will even include the cost-benefit analysis of your solutions. For example, how adding $500 to insulate your garage will save you $150 in heating costs per year. This makes it much easier for you to see where your break-even will be on any upgrades, improvements, and new investments.

Need an Experienced Energy Services Provider?

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by: Phil Smith

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