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What Can I Do to Lower the Cost of My Utility Bills?

Lower your utility bills by raising your energy efficiency.

Utility bills

There is no getting around it, if you want to lower the cost of your utility bills; you need to look into energy efficiency in your home. By taking the necessary steps to make your HVAC run as efficiently as possible, you will see a big difference in your energy costs each month.

There are some simple yet effective steps you can take to ensure your HVAC is running at optimal efficiency:

  • Change air filters regularly.
  • Unplug electronics and appliances when not in use.
  • Turn lights off when not in a room.
  • Replace old window panes.
  • Use ceiling fans to help distribute air.

But there is one other method that may not be a “quick” fix you do yourself, but is a big help in going a long way to lowering the cost of utility bills and achieving a higher level of energy efficiency. What is this, you ask? Sealing your home’s air ducts.

The three big benefits of sealing your air ducts are:

  1. Lower utility bills: Leaky air ducts can lose up to 30% of your home’s hard earned heating or cooled air! This can make a big impact on your system’s efficiency as well as your monthly utility bills.
  2. Comfort Levels: Your home may have rooms that are stuffy in the summer and freezing in the winter, leaky air ducts are common culprits worth investigating.
  3. Indoor air quality: It’s becoming more and more evident that our indoor air can be up to 100% more contaminated with pollutants than outdoor air. Leaky air ducts certainly don’t do your indoor air any favors, or your health!

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by: Phil Smith

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