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Should I Turn Off My Heat Pump When It Gets Really Cold?

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In the heating and air conditioning business, one of the most common questions we get about heat pumps is whether to turn the unit off, or if someone should switch the “emergency” setting on when it gets icy cold outside. There is a common misconception out there about heat pumps, and we want to set the record straight.

No, You Should Not Turn off Your Heat Pump when It Gets Cold

And here’s why: heat pumps work by moving warm air from one place to another. When it’s hot, they shift the warm air out of the house. When it’s cold, they pull warm air into the house. Even on a cold day, the heat pump can draw some warmth out of the air, enabling it to generate three to four times the amount of heat as what would have been produced by the same amount of fuel consumed.

Think about it like this: a wood-burning fireplace puts off a fair amount of heat. But if you burned the same amount of wood (meaning: energy) in your heat pump, it would return three to four times MORE heat than the fireplace. They are incredibly efficient machines, designed to maximize their output.

In addition, many of these units have supplemental heat, which automatically kicks in. Shutting off your heat pump will prevent the system from working the way it was designed, and your home comfort levels will suffer.

Still Have Questions, or Wondering about the Emergency Setting?

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by: Phil Smith

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