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The Red Light on My Thermostat is Flashing and Won’t Turn Off. What Does that Mean?

A flashing red light that just won’t stop on your thermostat could mean trouble for your heating and air conditioning system.

Thermostat Issues

Wondering about the red flashing light on your heating and air conditioning thermostat? When it comes to driving our cars, a flashing red light is an indication to stop. There really isn’t much difference with our heating and air conditioning other than the flashing red light for our driving systems doesn’t indicate a problem.

When the thermostat light, Emergency Heat Light, is flashing, this is a way for your outdoor unit to let you know that it is “locked-out” and there is a problem. It is most often the case that your indoor unit does not know there is a problem and keeps running.

Occasionally, resetting the system will solve the problem. You can reset your thermostat system by turning the thermostat off, waiting thirty seconds, then turning it back on. It may take up to ten minutes for your system to restart itself.

After waiting ten minutes, you should check to see if the outdoor unit is running. If the light does not stop flashing or if the outdoor unit does not begin working, it may be time to call an HVAC professional. As you wait for help from your friendly local HVAC tech, here are a few possible causes for your thermostat issue:

  • A high pressure or high temperature switch has opened.
  • A low pressure or low temperature switch has opened.
  • Your unit is defrosting too much.
  • Blocked air filters or coils, a bad fan motor, overcharge, and other various issues.

If you tried some troubleshooting and are still having problems with the thermostat on your heating and air conditioning system, contact the pros at G&M Service today for 24-hour help.

by: Phil Smith

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