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Is it Possible to Keep Mildew from Growing in My HVAC System?

If you have problems with mildew growing in your HVAC system, a maintenance agreement can help.


There are few things worse than a mildew invasion in your HVAC system, but can a maintenance agreement really make a difference? Homeowners are often glad they have that handy dandy maintenance agreement when a routine maintenance check leads to a potentially hazardous-to-your-health discovery.

Mildew is more than just smelly; it’s pretty bad for your health too. In addition to smelling bad and hurting your body, mildew can be a sign of hidden moisture problems in your home. If these moisture problems are left untreated, mildew would be the least of your worries. If you have discovered a mildew problem in your HVAC system, follow these steps for preventative action:

  • Utilize the check-ups provided by your system’s maintenance agreement.
    Most mildew problems are discovered by professional HVAC technicians during a routine check-up/tune-up for your system. Therefore, a maintenance agreement is one of your best lines of defense for mildew prevention.
  • Remove moisture problems in your home.
    Mildew thrives in moisture. Repair water leaks, repair or replace outdated heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. Consider a dehumidifier if you have moisture settling in areas that draw moisture, such as basements.
  • Circulate your home’s air.
    Fresh and dry air is one of mildew’s worst enemies. Ventilate you home with fresh dry air and ensure you are providing clean air to all areas of your home. Turn on ceiling fans to help circulate air regularly.

Don’t let mildew grow in your HVAC system. Contact the pros at G & M Service today to prevent mildew in your HVAC system with a solid investment in a maintenance agreement service plan.

by: Phil Smith

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