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Is a Maintenance Agreement Really Worth the Money This Spring?

Learn the benefits available through professional maintenance agreements for your HVAC.


When wondering if an HVAC maintenance agreement is worth what you pay for it, it helps to first understand that a maintenance agreement is essentially put in place as a way to ensure preventative maintenance for your HVAC system. Basically, a maintenance agreement is a helpful option provided by HVAC companies to help you maintain your HVAC system and prevent break downs and costly repairs. The top benefits of maintenance agreements include:

  • Financial: The preventive maintenance provided via maintenance agreement includes check-ups and tune-ups to ensure your HVAC systems are working as efficiently as possible all while avoiding unexpected expensive breakdowns. It’s an investment that will save you in the months and years to come.
  • Efficiency: HVAC systems operate at peak performance efficiency when they are well-maintained. Maintenance agreements usually provide two annual check-ups to your HVAC system (usually in the fall and in the spring), making sure it is operating at optimal levels and doesn’t require repairs.
  • Comfort: Your home (or business) will stay comfortable year round, because a maintenance agreement ensures your HVAC is working as it should to provide the ultimate in climate control. No one can deny that when an HVAC system is not working properly or even breaks down, it is all we can think about. But with a proper maintenance agreement in place, you will have peace of mind knowing your system is well-maintained and ready to rock year round.

When you consider the potential costly repairs you can avoid with regular maintenance and the comfort you can achieve throughout the year thanks to an efficient HVAC, it is clear maintenance agreements are well worth the investment. If you want more information or think it’s time to take advantage of a professional maintenance agreement for your HVAC, contact our pro team at G & M Service today.

by: Phil Smith

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