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Is a Furnace Tune-Up and Scheduled Maintenance the Same Thing?

Learn how a furnace tune-up compares to service through maintenance agreements.

Furnace tune up versus maintenance

Is a furnace tune-up and service through maintenance agreements the same thing? The simple answer is yes and no. While furnace tune-ups are indeed a part of what takes place during a scheduled appointment through a maintenance agreements, there’s much more involved in the scheduled services you receive as part of the agreement than just the tune-up.

A maintenance agreement is a thorough whole-system plan that helps save you money through regular HVAC check-ups, maintenance, and tune-ups at a special rate. Maintenance agreements also help you to receive regular services at a lower discounted rate per scheduled tune-up. A furnace tune-up can be a stand-alone service, but to ensure your entire system is functioning optimally, a maintenance agreement is your best bet.

Here’s what you can expect from a furnace tune-up – both as a stand-alone service and as part of your maintenance agreement:

  • A technician will bring a furnace and heat pump checklist and systematically go over each item listed.
  • The technician will check for leaks and blockages as well as inspect or change the air filter.
  • The technician will test and evaluate sensors, gauges, burners, safeties, controls, and heat exchangers.

A professional furnace tune-up will safeguard your furnace and make sure it is operating to the proper standards and best safety standards. Depending on the kind of maintenance agreement you have, you can schedule a tune-up for your furnace at any point; however, it is generally recommended to have your furnace serviced in the fall so you can be sure your furnace is ready to go for the winter season.

If you need a furnace tune-up or are interested in money-saving maintenance agreements for your HVAC system, contact G & M Service.

by: Phil Smith

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