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How Can You Help Me Reduce Mildew in My Commercial Space?

How expert commercial services can improve indoor air quality and appearance.

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If your office or warehouse space is suffering from unsightly and smelly mold and mildew, you’re definitely in need of professional commercial services assistance. Face it, customers are not going to be impressed by a business that looks grimy, grungy and leaves them holding their nose every time they pay a visit.

You’ve invested a lot in your business, so losing it to something like mold and mildew isn’t just unfortunate; it’s also completely avoidable.

Improving Indoor Air Quality: Ventilation & UV Filtration

The cause of most mold and mildew problems has to do with improper ventilation and a build-up of excess moisture. This creates an environment ripe for the growth of unsightly green gunk, and makes clean up an almost daily task. However, there are several options when it comes to tackling the problem at its source.

The first part of the equation is improving the air exchange and ventilation system in your commercial space. This ensures wet, moist, warm air is properly vented to the outside, and fresh, cool, clean air is being continuously circulated inside.

You also should consider installing commercial grade UV lights in your return vents and exchange system. This zaps mold and mildew spores, preventing them from spreading and being continuously recycled throughout your space. You’ll notice an immediate improvement in the way your air smells, and a definite slow in the spread of the green stuff.

Balancing Indoor Moisture: De-Humidification

The other part of the equation is proper humidity control in your space. If the air inside is too moisture-laden, you’ll continue to see mold and mildew problems. However, a commercial grade dehumidification system can pull excess moisture out of the air, and reduce the indoor humidity levels in your office or warehouse. It also has the added benefit of creating a slight cooling effect; perfect in the high heat and humidity of the summer months.

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by: Phil Smith

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