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How Is Green Energy Good for the Environment?

Green energy saves the planet, and it can also save your wallet.

Green energy

"Going green!" We've all heard the phrase in recent years, but what exactly is "green energy" and what does it do for the environment? Is it really worth it? Is it a lot of work? Those are questions that tend to run through the mind. Going green can consist of several different actions and varying degrees of green extreme. To simplify, going green is basically doing anything that will benefit the environment and keep it sustainable for the future. A few simple ideas are:

  • Turning off water when brushing your teeth or even when you are soaping up in the shower.
  • Setting the thermostat in your home a few degrees lower or higher according to season to conserve your home's energy output (this will also save you money!).
  • Unplugging electronics when not in use.

Some of the green extreme measures are:

  • Replacing an outdated heating and air system with a modern system that is EnergyStar certified.
  • Switching to a gas furnace instead of an oil furnace for more efficient heating.
  • Using a geothermal system, which uses renewable energy sources to heat and cool your home.

One of the nice benefits of using green energy is that it can save you money. How? All you do, big or little, adds up. Getting your home set up to save energy, save money, and cut costs can be an overwhelming task to do on your own. If you are ready to take the step forward and utilize green energy for your home or business, the professionals at G&M Service are ready to guide you through the process. We know green energy and are happy to help you. Contact us today at 919-772-8820.

by: Phil Smith

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