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How Can I Reduce the Overall Cost of My Commercial Heating and Cooling System?

Maintenance agreements can help you save money with your commercial heating and cooling system.

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Maintenance agreements are something we never think we’ll need until we are dealing with a major HVAC repair. But the truth is if you want save money on HVAC overall costs in the long run, these agreements are a sound investment. However, even with the small repairs and replacements—these costs add up over time. And the right maintenance agreement can help you save money on those smaller expenses too.

Maintenance agreements help with the big and small repairs and replacements. Take a look at these maintenance agreement benefits you may not have considered:

Replacement Parts:

Just like with big breakdowns, when we think of replacement parts, we think of big things. But don’t forget those small, commonly replaced items: a worn belt, a squeaky bearing, and air filters. As with most things in life, the little things can add up to major costs.


Big breakdowns don’t happen often, but they do indeed happen—especially if your HVAC system does not receive regular check-ups and tune-ups. Maintenance agreements go a long way to prevent big costly breakdowns because they catch the little issues before they become expensive disasters.

Service Fees and Calls:

When you have a maintenance agreement, service call costs, replacement parts, and the bi-yearly visits are all included as part of your agreement. This means you are reducing overall costs and saving money by taking a proactive approach.

If you think you need to invest in a maintenance agreement for your commercial heating and cooling system, G & M Service offers maintenance plans to meet your needs; click this link to contact us today to learn more.

by: Phil Smith

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