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How Can I Prevent My Heating System from Breaking This Winter?

Maintenance agreements prepare your system for whatever winter has in store.

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There are a lot of benefits to HVAC maintenance agreements, but the one our customers seem to enjoy the most is peace of mind. Why? Well, it’s because before the winter weather hits, they’ve already had their heating system inspected from top to bottom. Any problems or little issues hiding in their systems were identified and dealt with, before the cooler temps could arrive. And they didn’t even need to remember to call us and schedule it.

Pretty neat, right?

By signing up for one of our maintenance plans, they guaranteed their system was in tip-top shape. For the few individuals with problems, we went ahead and fixed them up on the spot. And they even received a 10% discount on parts and labor!

In the unlikely event their system decides to quit on them this winter, they are also covered by our priority service guarantee. They get jumped ahead of any non-maintenance agreement house calls. Plus, they won’t get charged extra for emergency or after-hours repairs.

No wonder they sleep so well at night! Between the comfort of their optimized and efficient heating system, and the security of knowing we’ve got their backs 24/7, there isn’t a whole lot left to worry about this winter.

If you’re interested in ensuring your heater keeps running all winter long, or you just want the peace of mind that comes with knowing we’ll rush right out to fix it for you, then get signed up today. We’ll dispatch one of our experienced service professionals out to your house immediately. It’s not too late! You can contact us online, or just give us a call at 919-772-8820 and get signed up for one of our cost-saving maintenance agreements right away.

by: Phil Smith

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