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How Can I Make My HVAC System More Energy Efficient?

Ready to watch your heating bills go down thanks to energy efficiency?

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Curious about how you can achieve a higher level of energy efficiency for your HVAC system? Well, honestly, you should be. HVAC systems account for 44% of the average home's heating and cooling electricity usage. Finding ways to make your own HVAC system more energy efficient is a wise move. Here are some helpful ways to assist you in the process:

Update your HVAC

To be considered "energy efficient" by a federal government standard, referred to as SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), a system must rate a minimum of 14. Units made before 2006 were only required to be at a 10. By updating your system, a potential 20% of energy costs could be saved.

Install and seal

Properly installed equipment reduces too great or too little energy output and saves on energy costs. Properly sized ducts also reduce air leaks, which maximizes efficiency.

Manage HVAC capacity and common sense energy efficiency

Keep your HVAC unit well-maintained and do what you can to lower operating output, such as:

  • Add more insulation barriers.
  • Change air filters regularly.
  • Schedule regular maintenance appointments or get a maintenance agreement plan to ensure your HVAC is in top-working condition at all times throughout the year.

Now that you have some helpful information, you may be wondering what you should do next. Internet research is valuable, but it only goes so far. If you are considering taking the next steps toward a higher level of energy efficiency, choose a professional HVAC service you can trust. Click to contact the pros at G&M Service today to ensure maximum money-saving energy efficiency results.

by: Phil Smith

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