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How Can Fans Help Reduce my Energy Bills This Spring?

Learn how using your fan correctly is a quick and easy way to make a dent in your energy bills as we head into warmer months.

Fans and energy efficiency

Increasing energy efficiency and saving money tend to go hand in hand, especially when it comes to ceiling fans and temperature control. Although highly underused, fans are a brilliant option for climate control enhancement because they are easy to install and are very low maintenance. If you are not currently using a ceiling fan or a propped up plug-in fan in your home, you may be interested to learn how fans can help your energy bills in various ways:

  • While fans don’t exactly cool air, they give a “chilling” effect by circulating the air in your home thus making you feel cooler.
  • Fans can aid in adjusting a home’s temperature by four to eight degrees simply by moving your home’s air around.
  • The average air conditioner is around thirty-six cents per hour to operate while a fan costs less than one cent. Adjusting your thermostat while adjusting a fan can really help your home feel cool while keep your utility bill low.

An important thing to think about when it comes to using a fan to help out with energy savings this spring is to choose the right size. A fan that is too small won’t do you much good. Likewise, a fan that is too large will simply provide your house with forceful winds and that doesn’t do anyone any good. In order to find the right size of fan to make the most positive, energy-saving impact in your home, ask for recommendations from your local HVAC pro.

If you’re ready to go with the flow and use a fan to save on energy, G & M Service is available to help you make the most of it to enhance your climate control efforts. Give us a call today at (919) 772-8820.

by: Phil Smith

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