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How Can I Improve HVAC Efficiency and Save Money on My Energy Costs?

Installing a programmable thermostat increases energy efficiency for your HVAC.

Benefits of a programmable thermostat

Opening a high utility bill every month gives good cause for every homeowner to stop, scream, and consider their home’s energy efficiency. The average Joe will spend over two thousand dollars every single year on energy bills. When you stop and think about how much of your energy usage goes into temperature control at home, it becomes a no brainer to consider installing a programmable thermostat. Utilizing a smart thermostat and taking stock on good temperature control helps in many ways. Just a few to consider are:

  1. A/C and Heating: Rather than kicking on and off repeatedly in sporadic attempts to keep your home at a constant temperature and using more energy than necessary, you could be utilizing a thermostat that knows exactly when to queue the A/C or furnace.
  2. Schedule Settings: In the modern age humans are busy bees, and flexible schedules are becoming key to our ability to function. Programmable thermostats are perfect for maintaining and adjusting your home’s temperature in a great energy efficient way, even when you are on the go.
  3. ENERGY STAR: Research averages from ENERGY STAR have shown that a homeowner can expect to save hundreds of dollars every year by using programmable thermostats.
  4. Starting Line Savings: From the very beginning, you are saving money as installation of a programmable thermostat is quite affordable and the energy savings begin right away.

If you are ready to save money through increased energy efficiency with your HVAC, contact G & M Service today to choose and install the right programmable thermostat.

by: Phil Smith

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