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Don’t Make This Silly Heating and Air Mistake When You Buy or Sell a Home

Why does it matter who you use for home inspections to determine if the heating and air system is in working order?

Performing home HVAC inspection

When you’re looking to buy a new home, one of the most important factors that most people forget is the heating and air system. After all the paperwork and hoop jumping involved in buying a home, no one wants to move in only to hear the words, “Your HVAC system needs a lot of repair.” This is why homebuyers want to make sure the HVAC system is in peak running condition – before it becomes an obstacle to the sale.

While sellers realize that a properly maintained heating and air system will be a plus when listing the amenities of their home to potential buyers, it’s important for buyers to make doubly sure everything is as it appears. That’s why you need to be sure you have a professional, expert inspector giving the heating and air system a thorough inspection.

Heating and Air in Your New Home: A Lousy Inspection Can Be Your Biggest Mistake.

Unfortunately, it’s true that less-than-professional home inspectors are out there. Some even partner up with sellers in an effort to sell the homes even when there are issues that need addressing. Failing to ensure you have a qualified inspector checking out the home you plan to purchase can be a mistake you regret for years to come.

Even sellers may not always understand the ins and outs of heating and air inspection and can find themselves in a pickle if they have an inspector give a report that isn’t a true picture of what’s going on with the HVAC.

Factors that need to be checked thoroughly during an inspection include:

  • energy efficiency
  • electrical connections
  • duct work
  • thermostats
  • condenser fans
  • cooling performance 

How do you avoid the potential headaches that a lousy inspection can deliver? Along with the home inspector, your best bet is to bring in an expert to perform a professional HVAC inspection. An experienced technician is someone you can trust to hit all the necessary checkpoints for the inspection.

With a pro HVAC inspection, the seller can feel good about giving an accurate report and you, the buyer, can have peace of mind. Get your heating and air system inspection done right by making an appointment with G&M Service today.

by: Phil Smith

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