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Can Thermostats Help Conserve Energy in My Home?

When it comes to utilizing green energy for your home, don’t leave your thermostat out.

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Thermostats are gaining ground when it comes to green energy simply because they are an economical and easy way to utilize it. Energy bills have a tendency to grow substantially when we aren’t being as smart as possible about conserving energy. In fact, homeowners can easily spend over two thousand dollars a year on their energy bills. This is where programmable thermostats become a useful asset in saving money and conserving energy. While some may seem confusing to operate, many are just as easy to control as a DVD player.

Some of the ways programmable or “smart” thermostats conserve energy are:

Managing air conditioning and furnace use.

Instead of spending all day kicking on and off to control your home’s temperature, it just works for a short time to adjust the temperature it is set to.

Flexibility in obtaining what you want when you want it.

With programmable settings, you can maintain your home’s temperature and even change it according to your own schedule and level of comfort.

Save money every year.

ENERGY STAR averages show that savings can be in the hundreds of dollars annually with this kind of system.

When it comes to saving money and being smart about conserving energy, a programmable thermostat is a smart option for your home as well as for your energy bills. If you are ready to save money and energy, contact G&M Service today to take things to the next level with your green energy goals. Our friendly team of green energy experts is here to guide you and answer your questions.

by: Phil Smith

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