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Can Maintenance Improve How My Old HVAC System Runs?

Regular maintenance benefits all systems regardless of their type, size, or age!

Old Air Conditioning System

When it comes to regular maintenance and maintenance agreements, it really doesn’t matter how old your HVAC system is. In fact, regular maintenance is the best thing you can do to help your HVAC system keep running at its personal best. As HVAC systems age and perform year after year, wear and tear is bound to happen.

To keep your system’s performance working at top-notch levels, there are certain tasks you need to do or hire someone else to do. These include:

  • Refrigerant level checks and replacement if needed.
  • Lubrication! This is very important to older systems. HVAC systems have multiple moving parts, including the motor, which can easily become worn and deteriorated if not lubricated regularly—usually twice a year during regular check-ups.
  • Belts need to be checked and replaced if worn.
  • Internal as well as external cleaning.
  • Periodic tests should be performed to check wiring, circuits, and ignition system.
  • Check for air leaks, refrigerant leaks, and fuel leaks.
  • Last but certainly not least, regular filter changes are vital to any and every system.

All of these things can go a very long way in helping your system’s performance, keeping your HVAC up and running optimally for the long stretch. The good news is you don’t have to worry about doing everything yourself or making sure any checks your system needs are done as they should be. This is where having a professional HVAC company on your side makes all the difference.

Contact our team of experts at G&M Service today to learn more about our maintenance agreements and how they can help old and new HVAC systems.

by: Phil Smith

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