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Are Heat Pumps More Environmentally Friendly than Air Conditioners?

Green energy gets a boost when you utilize heat pumps.

Residential HVAC Systems

Green energy has now become part of our everyday conversation, especially in connection to our homes. We want efficiency, we want money saving, and we want it all to be good for the environment. And, yes, turns out, we really can begin to have it all in these areas. A common question is “What is more environmentally friendly?” when thinking about what kind of HVAC system to install in our homes. Here are some answers for you.

Air conditioners and heat pumps both work in a similar way. Both use a liquid refrigerant as a mechanism for conducting heat from one place to another after compressing it to enhance its effect. While both work in a similar way, they are different in the following ways:

  • Environmentally friendly factor: Heat pumps move heat/energy from the Earth, to your home, then back again. Air conditioners do not operate this way.
  • Renewability: Heat pumps get their energy from a never-ending source of heat coming from the Earth’s core. Air conditioners absorb energy that is lost as soon as their performance is finished.
  • Monthly Operating Costs: Heat pumps are generally cheaper to operate on a monthly basis than air conditioners.
  • Even Temperatures: Heat pumps produce consistent temperatures during operation reducing hot/cold spots in the home (especially if you have radiant floors) while air conditioners push air into a general area dictated by a thermostat located near it.

While newer HVAC models are without a doubt more energy efficient than older models, if you are wanting greener energy in addition to more energy efficiency, a heat pump system is the way to go. Click this link to contact G&M Service at 919-772-8820 to learn more about heat pumps and other green energy options.

by: Phil Smith

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