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6 Signs You Need Help With Your Furnace

Is your furnace telling you it needs some attention?

We may not have talking appliances (yet!), but there are ways your furnace can communicate with you. Watching and listening for these signs could help you avoid a panic-stricken purchase if your furnace breaks down. It is better to be prepared for a furnace installation so you have time to make smart decisions.

Check out these 6 signs that tell you it’s time for some help with your furnace:

  1. More than 15 years old. You may remember the ages of 16 through 20 as exciting times. Not so much for your furnace. Most furnaces are designed and expected to last about 15 years – even with regular maintenance. If your furnace is in this age bracket, you need to be planning for a new furnace installation.
  2. Rising utility bills. Watch out for rising costs on your gas and electric bill. As your furnace ages, it will become less efficient and have to work longer and harder to keep your house warm. All that extra work will show up as highly monthly bills.
  3. Poor burner flame. If the flame in your burner is flickering or is yellow this could be an issue with carbon monoxide. The flame should be strong and blue.
  4. Rattling or banging sounds. Unless you are living in a haunted house, those noises coming from your furnace may be its way to tell you it is time to consider getting a new furnace.
  5. Dry, dusty air. Do you find yourself dusting every day? Sneezing more than normal? Using lotion by the quart to heal dry skin? An older furnace cannot moisturize and clean the air properly, and that can lead to issues with allergies, dry skin, and. worse yet, require you to dust much more.
  6. More and more repairs. In the last two years, have you had any repairs on your furnace? If not, this may be a sign it is time to look into furnace tune-ups or new furnace installation. 

Recognize any of these 6 signs? If so, make an appointment with G&M Service to discuss furnaces and furnace installation today.

by: Phil Smith

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