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6 Little Changes That'll Make a Big Difference with Your Humidifier

Do you know what you need to do to ensure your humidifier is as efficient as possible?

Humidifier in home

If you find yourself with dry skin, sneezing more than usual, or experiencing nosebleeds, it could mean you haven’t been tending to your humidifier. Some simple maintenance will keep your humidifier working properly and keep you and your home comfortable.

Here are 6 little changes that can ensure your humidifier is running optimally:

  1. Periodic checks - Look out for leaks. Be sure to turn off the water if leaks are found and keep the water off until the leaks are fixed.
  2. Throughout the heating season - Bacteria can grow from deposits in the water reservoir. The humidifier water reservoir should be cleaned periodically throughout the heating season. Use an anti-bacterial solution monthly.
  3. End of heating season - Check for damage of the float and water wheel. Thoroughly clean.
  4. Annually – A filter can be impossible to clean once there is a buildup of deposits on them. Be sure to replace the filter. Also, humidifier efficiency can be affected by accumulation of deposits on the inside of the humidifier; it should be cleaned yearly.
  5. Check the settings - Set the humidistat to keep things optimal. Desired humidity is typically between 30% to 40%. Once the desired level is met, the water supply will turn off.
  6. Hygrometer – This can monitor changes in humidity levels. If, for example, the humidity does not go above 25% there may be issues with your humidifier.

Keep in mind: when performing maintenance on your humidifier, you must make sure the water to the humidifier is turned off, and also shut off the power to the furnace.

Before the heating season begins, get a maintenance check on your humidifier performed by a professional. Make an appointment with G&M Service today.

by: Phil Smith

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