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4 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask about Heat Pump Prices

Don’t let your imagination get the best of you when it comes to the prices of heat pumps.

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When it comes to the price of a heat pump, you realize that they are most definitely an investment. It’s true that you get what you pay for, but that doesn’t decrease the price anxiety you may be experiencing.

Getting to know the basics about heat pumps and heat pump installation will help ease those bats in your stomach down to mere butterflies. The more you learn about the essentials of what makes a quality heat pump, the more those butterflies will disappear and be replaced by confidence in the investment.

Here are some questions to ask your HVAC expert that will help ease your mind about heat pump prices:

  • A heat pump is a combination system that will handle both the heating and cooling of your home. If something goes wrong in the heat pump, does the cost of repair double, since a repairman needs to check out both the heating and cooling aspects of the unit? 
  • Would it be cheaper to purchase two separate units? Individual heating and air conditioning units sound simpler, but are they really? Do separate units require more maintenance and in the end cost you more money? 
  • How about the importance of buying a system from a recognized brand name? Is it better to choose a company that everyone automatically knows?
  • Does a recognized brand name guarantee longer life, easier maintenance, and fewer repairs? Or is there a lesser-known company that builds a quality heat pump?
  • If a contractor is consulted, will they recommend the brand that is most expensive to purchase, install, and maintain?
  • Who do you choose to install your heat pump? 

We are confident that our team here at G&M Service can help you answer all of these questions and provide the best in affordable, professional heat pump installation. Getting the correct size of heat pump, proper installation, and prompt response to any issues, as well as regular maintenance are all available through our team at G&M. We are a full-service company that will work in your best interest with the manufacturer if parts under warranty fail.

The answer to all your questions is a phone call away. Call G&M Service at 919-772-8820 for your heat pump installation.

by: Phil Smith

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